About Us

Hello, I’m Emma, the Mum behind Esther’s Fairytale House.
When I was pregnant with Esther in 2016 I discovered this whole new world of Instagram Mummy Makers and women with fabulous style, and I immediately wanted in! I didn’t know what I wanted to create or sell, but I knew it had to be something for children.
Along the way I had started following a few interior accounts, a few of them displaying the most beautiful Children’s bedrooms and nurseries. There was always lots of questions around where the items featured were from with many answers being Australia, Sweden etc and I had struggled to find many of the items in the UK when doing Esther's nursery.
A few months past and I returned to my full time job as a Recruitment Manager in 2017, but I knew deep down my heart was just not in it anymore, I wanted to do my own thing. Immediately I knew what I wanted to do, I started writing a business plan and found some suppliers overseas of some of the items I had seen.
In 2018 my little business continued to grow, my Instagram following grew and my items started popping up in bedrooms all over the place.
Then in February 2019 I was accepted as being an official partner for the brand Spinkie I was thrilled as there was only one other official partner in the UK at the time. It was a huge breakthrough for my business and I have continued to grow ever since, with further plans in the pipeline to expand my product range and to work with other brands in the future.