Top 5 Storage Hacks

We can picture it - floor is filled with toys, Christmas gifts still haven’t found a place to live yet and the stuffed animal collection is getting so big you could call your home a zoo.

Well we wanted to put our heads together to find the top 5 storage hacks for toys.

HACK 1 – Moveable storage

These storage trolleys are perfect for toys that need to be moved around. Also perfect for arts and crafts!

We are partial to anything that is coloured ‘cashmere’ – these are from Hobby Craft and available in lots of different colours too. 

Moveable Storage Trolly


HACK 2 - Find beautiful storage pieces.

If you have run out of wall space to squeeze another Kallax, then try something pretty that can be a statement in any room. These gorgeous storage trunks can hide a multitude of sins (yes LOL dolls, we are talking to you).

Available on our website from £85

Storage Trunks

Hack 3Use toys as decoration

Okay, hear us out first. Those lovely little Lego displays your darling children have made, that they are desperate to keep – well display them!

You could even interchange them as they create new masterpieces. If you want to get really fancy, you can buy display cases for those extra special sets 

Display Cases

Hack 4 – Make it personal

If you want something special for your little one, then look no further. These easy tie, personalised sacks are a great option for stuffed toys. Simply stash them away and await for the next play date.

These are available on our website from £14 and come in both small and large 

Personalised Toy Storage Sacks

Hack 5 – Label, label, label

This is one of the best hacks around, especially great for older children. Label that storage! If you have boxes galore, it’s time to get your hands on a label maker – simply add a little description to each box to make tidy up time a breeze. You can find them on Amazon for £15.29 

Label Maker

Alternatively you can check out @label.lady.1 on Instagram who sells beautiful label transfers that are easy to personalise. From as little as £3, it’s hard to not label everything in the house

The Label Lady


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