Is a playroom essential?

By Hannah Withers - Luna Interior Design 26th February 2021

Similarly to a home office, a playroom is great way to be able to shut the door on any chaos or mess at the end of the day, but having a playroom can often be a luxury and I have to wonder, is it essential? There are many benefits of being able to compartmentalise your home, for example you may want certain areas just for ‘grown ups’ and other areas a space for your children to have no boundaries (and with wipeable surfaces!). But there is nothing to say there has to be a wall in the middle of those two spaces. Lets start with how you would layout your playroom, my guess is you would have multiple zones focussed on 4 core areas perhaps play, craft, reading and learning. And each with their own core piece of furniture, beanbags, canopy’s, table and chairs and a bookcase. I used this approach with a recent project, starting with the room layout to ensure all core areas were encompassed in to the design (see image).

However, if you choose not to utilise a room as a playroom, what’s to say you can’t use this same approach with a shared space in your home? Using zones you can make any space serve more than one purpose, and Esther’s Fairytale House makes this whole process easier by allowing you to create a multi-purpose space without compromising on style. I want to share with you some of my ‘go to’ products, perfect for creating that child-centric space whilst keeping your home sophisticated. Canopies and Teepees: The perfect solution for creating a relaxing area for reading or playing. Positioned in the corner of any room, a canopy can look incredibly chic and what’s the best bit? You can still ‘close’ it at the end of the day, the perfect hiding space to keep toys out of sight!

Ottoman Storage Bench: The perfect piece with the added benefit of being able to store toys, books and other items you may want out of sight. It can double up as a foot stool, coffee table or simply sat proudly under a window with some cushions strewn across the top.

Rope Storage Baskets: A basket can look great in any room, they’re a perfect accessory for making a room feel cosier but the best part, they’re an accessory you can use. I’m a firm lover of a blanket basket, and a blanket is a clever way to disguise what may be underneath, so you still get your hiding space without any compromise.


So how would your perfect ‘playroom’ look? If you need help designing your ‘zones’ or are looking for interior inspiration, visit and get in touch, we’d love to hear from you.



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