Creating the best big girl/boy room!

Don’t get upset when reading this blog, but one day your child will outgrow that lovely little nursery you created.
But here are a few tips on how to create the best big girl or big boy room!

1.Select a theme

You may have to put your foot down here and stay away from an overbearing theme! Although they may love Paw Patrol at the moment, luckily, they won’t always be into that.

Selecting a more subtle theme, such as swans here, will forever be a nice accessory for the room, rather than a datable fashion choice.


2.Make Space to play

We all know that little ones need room to spread!

Keeping as much space in the middle of the room free is a great way to give options for older children to play in their own space.

Start to focus more on the ground level experience—where your toddler will be crawling around, and what your little one might interact with at that level.



3.Add little touches

Sometimes selecting a few accessories to match with the bedrooms décor is a great way to allow your child’s bedroom to grow with them.

Today it could be a snuggly dummy blanket, tomorrow a lovely little bunny.

Also adding more accessories to the canopy can change the look – for example a bow to these pom-poms.

( ⠀


4.Create zones

Creating areas in the room that will last the next few years is a great way to grow with them. For example, a lovely little reading corner - It’s also a surefire way to bring on that love of reading early. It also reinforces that sense of independence, since kids can grab books on their own.


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